Choosing the right survey to suit the type and age of the property and your particular needs is an important part of your purchase. We have included brief descriptions of the types of survey available, but would encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We do not recommend reliance on the Lenders Mortgage Valuation. At best this involves a brief inspection (not a survey), and is only intended to assess the property as suitable security for a loan. Many valuations for lending are now undertaken on a ‘desktop’ basis, without anyone visiting the property. A detailed survey will help avoid nasty surprises. Once you have received the report, we will happily discuss matters that require further explanation.

The two most popular surveys are delivered in accordance with ‘Home Survey Standard – RICS Professional Statement’, and are described here. Other services we provide, such as Snagging List Inspections and Valuations, are described elsewhere.

Building Survey

(a Home Survey Level 3 inspection and report)

This is the most thorough type of inspection and report we provide and is particularly suited to older buildings and those that are in need of repair. The detailed report will provide comprehensive guidance on shortcomings and disrepair including on-going maintenance advice. We can also advise on suitability for proposed extensions or alterations.

Our reports include numerous colour photographs to help identify the defects being discussed, are laid out in a clear and easy to follow format, and are written in plain English. Reports include a section summarising matters that should be verified by your Legal Adviser.

Homebuyer Report

(a Home Survey Level 2 Inspection and Report)

This service is normally more suited to reasonably modern properties, including flats, of standard design and in seemingly satisfactory repair.

It is not as detailed as a Level 3 Building Survey and is therefore typically available at lower cost. It is produced in a pre-determined format and includes Condition Ratings, designed to provide guidance on the urgency of repairs needed.

It can include a market valuation and reinstatement valuation (for buildings insurance purposes) at extra cost, if requested.