Building Survey

This is the most thorough type of inspection and report and is particularly suited to older property and those that are in need of repair. The detailed inspection and illustrated report will provide comprehensive guidance on shortcomings and disrepair including on-going maintenance issues.

If requested it will also include our opinion on market value and re-instatement cost for insurance purposes. We can also advise on suitability for proposed extensions, alterations and the like.

Our reports include numerous colour photographs to help identify the defects being discussed, are laid out in a clear and easy to follow format, and are written in plain English. Once you have received the report, we will happily discuss any matters that require further explanation.

A copy is sent to your Solicitor in order to ensure that they are fully informed of legal issues relating to the property which need clarification or further investigation.

Residential Building Surveys

Call 01582 469946 to discuss your residential surveying requirements with a surveyor.

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