Choosing a Survey

Choosing the right survey for the type and age of the property and your particular needs is as important as commissioning a survey. We have included brief descriptions of the various types of survey available (and the other types of residential work we do), but would encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We would not recommend reliance on the Lenders Mortgage Valuation. This is a brief valuation inspection, not a survey, and is only intended to assess the property as suitable security for the loan. Very often, the borrower does not even get to see a copy of the results.

We regularly uncover defects and shortcomings, some of them serious, that have either been missed altogether or are not covered in sufficient detail by the mortgage valuer. The results can have major financial implications - a detailed survey will avoid such nasty surprises.


Call 01582 469946 to discuss your residential surveying requirements with a surveyor.

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